JBAW works on behalf of its clients, Jaguar Land Rover, Silent Pool Distillery, Thrudark and Hyundai . We work alongside all major Studios, Independent Production Companies, Producers, Directors, Action Car Coordinators, Art Directors and Production Designers, both in the UK and globally.

“JBAW’s bespoke approach to product placement enables organic opportunities to be realised.”
Founded by Alan Wyatt in 1992; Alan crafted bespoke approach to product placement which revolutionised the way brands integrate with film and television content.

Liz Wyatt

Liz has a 28 year creative media career, working alongside Directors, Producers and onscreen talent.

Ian McCulloch

Ian, a former Commercial Director of ITV, has 27 years of broadcast industry experience.

We utilise our detailed knowledge and understanding of stakeholders’ needs to identify, negotiate, deliver and support, impressive, organic, creative collaborations. Our team specialises in delivering placements that offer mutual and quantifiable benefits to both content creators and brand owners, without additional cost.

These opportunities allow content creators to access iconic global brands and enhance on-screen value. At the same time, these subtle but perfectly pitched placements provide brand enhancing environments for our clients to showcase their product portfolios to global audiences.

We welcome your enquiries relating to any potential placement opportunities for our clients, Jaguar Land Rover, Silent Pool Gin, Thrudark & Hyundai. The team would also be delighted to talk with any complementary brand wishing to benefit from our well-crafted and aligned, media and brand integration.

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